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E-Nini-Hassee October 2020 Newsletter: School is in Session

“Resistance is a sign that the instructor is not using the right strategy. The sole task of an educator is to get the student hooked. The educator must keep trying to find the right supports to mobilize the student. Once the student is hooked, she will do the work.”

- Chief Gale Wire

School has been a hot topic in the year of 2020. With the pandemic, parents are worried about their child’s education and substance of the lessons provided, either online or in blended learning settings. A lot of stress has fallen on parents this year as they navigate online learning and decisions about sending their children to school.

In exploring therapeutic programs, particularly wilderness programs, school is usually not an added component. School is put on hold for your child considered at-risk to get back on track and receive therapy. At Camp E-Nini-Hassee, this is not the case. We have been providing education throughout the entire pandemic, and for the last 42 years. Eckerd Connects E Nini Hassee was the first alternative school east of the Mississippi River beginning in 1978. We are a partnership school with our local school district and provide a specialized curriculum and credit recovery. School is also incorporated in the therapeutic setting with general courses such as math and science as well as providing electives such as peer counseling and speech. The focus is on therapeutic practices, but education is absorbed in every aspect. Course objectives are taught through thematic instruction with an emphasis on experiential learning. Our small 10:1 student/teacher ratios allow for us to encourage and guide students to progress at a pace that is challenging while assisting to set a pace that keeps the student engaged. Integrated into the curriculum are other experiential activities for academic growth, improved self-concept, spiritual awareness and service to the community. The synthesis of the two, academics and therapeutic practices, is essential for equipping young women with the tools they need to succeed. Generally, with our credit recovery program, girls may leave with an average of an additional 2.3 credits.

Gale Wire, Camp E-Nini-Hassee’s principal, has been working at the program for 32 years. She is the coordinator of the education department and continues to improve the curriculum to benefit the girls. Her drive and passion is demonstrated in the excitement that is carried within the program. A 15-year old entered the program in July, stating that she does not like to read. In not having a cellular device, tv monitor, or other technology to plop herself in front of for hours, she agrees to pick up a book. She starts by reading a “drama-book”, as it is considered at camp, and within a matter of a month decides to pick up Daniel’s Story about the Holocaust. This is a direct reflection of the passion brought on by Chief Gale.

In this tough time, girls considered at-risk are put in more risk if they are home, doing online school, while parents remain at work. Depression can become more prevalent as they are not engaging in connection with peers. Substance use can increase as there is a greater amount of unsupervised time. In considering taking the step of enrolling your child in treatment, this is the right time to do so. We provide supervision, therapy, structure, and a stronger education than what 2020 has allotted for.

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