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The Leading Outdoor Therapeutic School
for Girls in the Nation

Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee is more than a residential treatment program for girls; It’s also more than a boarding school or alternative school for girls. As an outdoor therapeutic school, it’s all of these — and so much more. Founded in 1969, E-Nini-Hassee is the most established and trusted outdoor therapeutic school for girls 12-18 in the southeastern United States.

The First Name in Second Chances


Provide and share solutions that promote the well-being of children and families in need of a second chance.


Ensure that each child has the opportunity to succeed.


  • We base our concepts upon a belief in God and respect for all.

  • Youth always comes first.

  • Services should focus on the family.

  • We hold ourselves accountable for achieving superior outcomes.

  • We engage people from a strength-based perspective.

  • We are good financial stewards.

  • We build strong and lasting partnerships.

  • Local communities must be engaged and empowered.

  • We have the courage to innovate and change.

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