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E-Nini-Hassee October 2019 Newsletter Featuring: Home is Where the Heart Is...

The path of a family to choose long term residential care for their loved one is incredibly difficult.  From the start of admission, the team at Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee works to keep the family empowered in the care of their daughter.  Each girl and her family are assigned to one of the group treatment coordinators (GTCs).  The GTC is the liaison between each girl and her family.  The GTC is also responsible for helping the girl adjust to her group and camp.  She works with the family to get to know each camper and then works with the clinical team and the family to set therapeutic goals. 
The girls usually stay at the program from 6-10 months or may stay longer depending on therapeutic needs or to graduate from high school.  During that time the girls go back home for long weekends to visit with family so when they graduate from our program, they have a smooth transition to aftercare.  Typical home visits last from a Thursday to a Monday and occur about every 8 weeks.  This gives the girls and their families the opportunity to adjust to change over the length of stay.  These visits are a collaborative effort coordinated by the therapeutic team, the girl and her family.  The night before the parents pick up their daughter, the girls celebrate with a Party day.  They celebrate with a nice dinner and then perform skits for the staff and other groups.  It is a special night.  For the girls that are not going home that weekend, there are equally special activities planned with staff at camp.
When the girls return to camp on Monday, they are welcomed back, and the family can share feedback with the treatment team.  The feedback helps the family and treatment team decide how to adjust therapeutic goals for the next home visit.  The home visit is also a time to find a therapist or center for aftercare if needed, however it is always encouraged.  Family Support also includes scheduled and as needed calls, monthly family group meetings, and an overnight family weekend to enjoy the E-Nini-Hassee experience first-hand.  E-Nini-Hassee means “her sunny road”, we strive for that road to lead back to family.


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