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E-Nini-Hassee May 2020 Newsletter: A Word From the Girls...

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Sometimes the perspective of children is all you need for a little clarity and grace. This month we share some of the powerful sentiments shared by the girls as we live and adjust to a “new normal.”
“Living in a world in which not visiting your loved ones is an act of love is scary, strange, and new…. As Brene Brown would say, we are in a “TFT”, or a “Terrible First Time.” Once we give light to the fact we are in a TFT, 3 things start to happen: 1. We normalize the discomfort of being “new”, 2. We put it into perspective that the world is not ending, it’s just something new, and we have to adjust for the time being, and 3. You reality check your expectations, meaning that since this is a “TFT”, we don’t know much about the situation we are in” -E-Nini-Hassee camper
“Our hearts are big, big enough for you, our families, our friends, and each individual on this earth. Everyday that we feel as if the world is on its last thread, we will still rise. When the ocean’s waters cover the islands, those islands rise in the end. Every night you fall asleep, know that you will rise again.”-E-Nini-Hassee camper

The girls and staff have adjusted to the new normal at camp with grace, many uplifting songs, and the ability to bring out the best in each other. The best parts of the program are working to help all the families and staff through this time. We hope you enjoyed these uplifting words from the girls. Together we can walk through this time because at Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee, all roads lead to a sunny road.


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