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E-Nini-Hassee January 2018 Newsletter Featuring: A New Year

Monday January 1st, 2018 marks the first day of 2018 and almost 50 years since the first girls were treated at E-Nini-Hassee. Jack and Ruth Eckerd dedicated their lives to helping children and had a vision of giving kids encouragement to last through their lives and help them pursue their dreams. As I look back at 2017 and forward to 2018, I think back to their vision and all the hands that went into opening the doors. Their dream started as an idea, and then became a reality. Since then it has taken teamwork, perseverance and hard work to grow the program each year. E-Nini-Hassee has educated a lot of campers over the years. Some of our previous campers hold positions in government, have started companies, or help lead other girls to fulfill their dreams. This type of program is so unique that to really know it, you must walk where the Eckerds walked and trace the steps of all the campers that have come and gone. If you have the chance, contact us for a tour or join us in March 22nd 2018 for our Annual Fish Fry. We welcome you to walk our trails and meet the people who have made E-Nini-Hassee what it is today. The Team at E-Nini-Hassee congratulates you on your accomplishments of 2017 and we wish you a wonderful 2018!



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