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E-Nini-Hassee February 2020 Newsletter: You Grow Girl!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

This month’s focus is the way Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee promotes a green planet and encourages the girls to be mindful about the environment. It is important to make these simple practices a habit that the girls can take with them as part of their daily routine as stewards of the planet.
Power and light: The campsites do not have electricity. The lights that are there are solar powered. The girls cook their weekend meals in an outdoor stove and oven. In the buildings that do have power, the staff and chiefs make sure to turn off lights and devices that are not in use to cut down on power usage.
Water: The University of Florida/IFAS Extention visited and did a rain barrel workshop for the girls and now there are rain barrels collecting rainwater for the gardens. All leftover water from meals is collected to nourish the plants around camp.
Gardening and Composting: Chief Tania Espinosa has spearheaded enhancing the gardens at camp. She reached out to the local native plant society for advice on which plants are best suited for our area and how to maintain a thriving garden. The staff leads the girls in collecting unused food that can then be added to the compost heaps around camp.
Recycling: Any recyclable items around camp are either re-used for crafting or collected for recycling to reduce the amount of waste produced.
This year April 22, 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, it is also the 50th year of Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee. The team is grateful to share an anniversary year with a noble cause and hopes to encourage the next generations to do their part in conserving and protecting the planet.


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