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E-Nini-Hassee December 2019 Happy Holidays!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

For this month’s newsletter Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee took a deep dive into spirituality. The girls were asked what spirituality meant to them and how they practice it. Names were omitted to protect their privacy; each girl had a different view. Please enjoy a few of their responses:

“To me spirituality means having something you believe in whether it be a higher power, or everything happens for a reason, etc. I think it plays a part of how you go about things, and your values and how you live and treat people.
People have different (ideas of) spirituality, so people practice differently. A few ways to practice are to meditate, pray, and read the bible…accepting things when they happen and practicing patience, sticking to your values and making it to your plans. I think it is important to practice your spirituality because it you will feel better at the end of the day and meet some if not all your basic needs. It can help you be a better version of you.” -ENH Camper
“Spirituality to me means having moments where your body, mind, and soul, think and do as one. We strive to be perfect when we do this, but it is not about perfection, but relaxing and being ok with quiet and being alone. I believe in my case spirituality comes to me through nature and the belief that there is a being greater than myself looking down on me and guiding me through my path of life.
I practice spirituality through short bouts of meditation in which I pray to whomever is looking down on me. Sometimes I feel the nature surrounding me using my sense of touch to process all of the beautiful things that surround me.” -ENH Camper
“It’s my health, things like exercising, healthy eating, and lifestyles. It’s my mental health, and my religion…talking to God.
I exercise, I talk to God, read a bible, stretch, talk about my feelings and have fun/show love.” -ENH Camper
“Personally, I don’t think spirituality is a higher power, to me it is more of an act. It is the act of getting yourself out of thinking and more into what you are doing. It’s taking you from your gremlins, the past, the future, and forces you to think in the here and now.
Cleaning and hard work really help me to get out of my negative thoughts and switch my brain from the emotions to the logical side of my brain. I usually use this as a helpful tool, so I don’t do or say anything I regret.”-ENH Camper
"What spirituality means to me is when you believe in something that you are very passionate about.
I practice spirituality when thinking about my future and what I want to do in my life." -ENH Camper

I hope you enjoyed their perspectives, especially how some were inspired by the natural surroundings at camp and the practice of meditation. Each girl brings with her amazing gifts that they share within their groups. The entire team and girls wish you a wonderful and spiritual holiday season!


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