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E-Nini-Hassee December 2018 Newsletter Featuring: It's All About the Family

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

It has been a little over a year since I joined the team at Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee and I am amazed at the sense of family I have felt since I walked in the door. From the first call to camp, the admissions and clinical teams work tirelessly to empower families who must make the difficult decision to send their daughters into treatment. The team encourages all families to come and visit camp for a personal tour to help make them feel at ease with their decision. Once the family has completed the admissions process, our clinical team reassures them that their daughter will receive the best care while the family has the chance to regroup, engage with support back at home, and adjust with any other family members or siblings. The all-female treatment team has decades of experience at E-Nini-Hassee and have helped thousands of girls and families through the healing process.
The family is kept up to date on their daughter’s treatment plan and when the family is ready, the clinical team prepares them for home visits that take place about every 10 weeks up until discharge. The girls reunite with their families from a Thursday to a Monday. It is the goal of family program to prepare not only the girl but the family to become stronger, closer and more resilient to the things that happen in life. I have been impressed at how important parents and the rest of the family are to the growth of the campers. Families are also invited for a family weekend where they get an up close and personal experience at camp and even spend the night together at one of our campsites with the other parents. It is a time to have a group family session of their very own. They feel the friendship and support of families who are going through the same hardships and getting better. E-Nini-Hassee is a second chance for girls but it is also a second chance for families who reach out for help…. they are always welcome back to our trails. Our director is quoted as saying, “walk with them” ….at first, I thought she meant the girls…. but now I see it means family too…” walk with them” so they can heal.


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