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Most likely, you’ve reached this page because you’re looking for help for your daughter or granddaughter or even researching a variety of treatment or alternative school options for troubled teens. Whatever the reason, it’s not unusual for you to be experiencing a number of strong emotions and thoughts — desperation, anger, hopelessness, guilt or even failure. If you’re like most parents of a troubled teen, you long for a pleasant day, for a family meal without conflict, for a night without worrying. You remember the happy, smiling face of your child not too long ago and wish you could turn back time to those simpler days.

Another common thought you may be having is “Where did I go wrong?” This is because  parents often feel responsible for their children’s well-being and behavior. Except in the most extreme cases, however, parents can’t be held directly responsible for the behavior of their children.  Besides parenting style, many factors influence the choices a child makes: genetics and other biological factors, temperament, friends, attitudes about school, early experiences, personal beliefs and ways of processing information, and more. None of them solely determine a child’s behavior.

Ultimately, children will make their own choices. As much as a parent might want to choose a child’s friends, the truth is that it is done by the child. The best a parent can hope to do is influence the selection or try to control some accessibility to various people.

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