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Positive Change Essentials

Eight Essentials for Positive Change in Troubled Girls

Eckerd Connects E-Nini-Hassee utilizes eight essential elements for positive change in troubled girls that are the key therapeutic components utilized throughout a typical day. These include:

  • Strength-based focus: At every opportunity in our alternative school for troubled girls, we reinforce the strengths that are innate within every child.

  • Therapeutic Environment: We provide a safe and healthy environment that includes strong, positive relationships; small, autonomous, family-like groups; an integrated program that is rich in high impact, high interest, and high adventure activities; family involvement throughout a child’s stay in the program; and services that are delivered in a culturally responsive manner.

  • Therapeutic Alliances: Staff members promote positive behavior through role modeling, encouragement, proactive awareness, positive feedback and goal setting. This unconditional positive regard by adult role models improves self-worth, personal growth, and helps develop the trust that is key to a therapeutic alliance between troubled girls and adults.

  • Therapeutic Group Living: The therapeutic group process, composed of approximately ten girls and two trained counselors, is the focal point of our program. This approach utilizes the strength of peer influence upon one another and empowers group members to be an active, positive participant in the therapy. Living in a family-like group, troubled girls develop a sense of personal responsibility that extends to their family and community.

  • Individualized Treatment: Individually tailored and developmentally appropriate services are provided to each girl. Our outdoor therapeutic school utilizes a balanced approach to ensure that the emotional needs of girls that cannot be met in the group are provided through individual counseling.

  • Safety: Physical and emotional safety considerations prevail in all aspects of our program. To ensure a safe environment, we carefully screen and select highly qualified staff and provide them with extensive, field-specific safety training. Although many activities are outdoors, E-Nini-Hassee does not espouse the “boot camp” approach because it is not healthy or safe for teens.

  • Education: Our proven education model is learner-centered and involves active participation and positive relationships between teachers and students. Our on-campus school is nationally accredited, with state-certified teachers. Grades, curriculum and credits are transferable to the home school.

  • Family Services: Parents are constantly kept informed about their child’s progress and encouraged to actively participate in their child’s treatment. Parental involvement improves long-term success and family relationships.

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